Below the Hook – Rigging

OHS Compliance Training

This course is designed to:

  • Provide the learner with an understanding of the applicable NS Regulations.
  • Provide the learner with information on how to “plan” a safe lift.
  • Provide information on select, inspect, and use basic rigging hardware.

Learner Objectives:

Upon completion of this training the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the NS Legislative Requirements for rigging.
  • Understand relevant definitions.
  • Know the three main hazards associated with rigging.
  • Understand the provided safety tips.
  • Know how to plan a rigging task.
  • Know how to select, inspect and use rigging hardware.
  • Know the Hand Signals used to communicate with the crane operator.
  • Obtain a pass mark of 75% on a post training test.

Course Follow Up:

  • You are responsible to read and understand your companies Policies, Standards and Safe Work Practices pertaining to rigging before performing any lifts.
  • Experience will be gained in the field under the coaching, mentoring and direction from your Supervisor.