High Angle Rescue

OHS Compliance Training

This course is designed to provide the learner with:

  • Students are to understand the importance of the equipment and maintaining the equipment.
  • Students will go over Company Fall arrest, Working at Heights, and Rescue plans /policies.
  • Practical training on all of the equipment and provide full understanding of all functions.

This course is recommended for:

  • Workers who work in High Crane situations and their construction sites.
  • Supervisors and Managers, who oversee workers, who work in High Crane situations.
  • Safety Committee Members or Safety Representatives and Rescue Teams
  • Safety Advisors.

Course follow up:

  • You are responsible to read and understand your companies Policies, Standards and Safe Work Practices, pertaining to Fall Protection, before performing any work where heights are required.
  • Experience will be gained in the field under the coaching, mentoring, and direction of your Supervisor and or Safety Advisor or Rescue Team.